Caffenol formulas

These are the Caffenol formulas I’m currently using for both film and paper developing. The ingredients should be dissolved one at a time in half the final volume of water, then the remainder of water added.


Reagent g per liter
Na2CO3 54g
Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) 16g
KBr (for 400 speed films or higher) 1g
Instant coffee 40g

Process: 15m development at 68F.

Paper (mostly Harman Direct Positive):

Reagent g per liter
Na2CO3 80g
Ascorbic Acid 4g
Instant coffee 40g

Process: 2-5m in developer, 30 seconds water stop bath, 60 seconds in paper fixer, wash 3x, 2m Permawash, 3x wash (5m each; sometimes I have to soak them longer to get the pink/brown staining out).

Also, this PDF is a useful thing to keep handy:

February 2, 2019 · caffenol · cheat sheet · photography

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