I need to get back to this blog, particularly posts where I actually write things. I spend a fair bit of time keeping notes on photographic processes I am trying to get a handle on, with the end goal of locking down a reliable method, and to create cheat sheets’ to have handy when I return to them. But most of the time these notes end up unorganized and unarticulated (oftentimes I go back to the last or best example of a practice to see how I made it). I tell myself I need to create my cheat sheet, but rarely do.

So my idea is to post them here instead. Not for the primary purpose of sharing it with anyone else, but rather to stash my own set of instructions in a public place. I’m not even sure why I think so, but somehow I have the sense that writing things down publicly is more motivating than simply keeping notes in a private notebook or text file.

January 30, 2019 · writing · photography · cheat sheet

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